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Hornby R1281M Red Rover Train Set

The best model train sets 2023

Everything you need to know to pick the best model train set by type, age...
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fancii head magnifier

The best head magnifier for model making

This is, without doubt, this best head magnifier I've come across...
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OO track cleaning

The definitive beginners guide to setting up Hornby model railway

The step-by-step guide to setting up a Hornby DC train set. Written by Andy, the...
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How to make model railway hills – 5 steps from model making gurus

How to build model hills for your railway, the definitive guide...
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photo of a model river.

How to make realistic rivers for your model railway in 5 steps

Water is a key feature of our environment so it should naturally be a key...
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Model Railway Standards

What are the minimum vertical clearances for model trains – British standards

- What are the minimum vertical clearances for model trains - British standards...
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How To Remove Glued Ballast From Model Train Track In Five Easy Steps

If you want to re-use track that has ballast glued to it you’ll probably be...
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thirds rule

The 5 best track laying tips I’ve learned in 10 years writing ModelRailwayEngineer

The best 5 track laying tips I've picked up during 5 years writing ModelRailwayEngineer...
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DC or DCC? What do you prefer and why

This is one of those topics that everyone has a view on. But what do...
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Quick tip for better backscenes

A quick tip for more credible back scenes and realistic layouts...
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Model Railway Backscene Masterclass + 6 Tips

If there's one thing that will bring your model railway to life perhaps more than...
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The 17 must-have tools for building a model railway

The 17 indispensable tools for making model railways...
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Building a shed fit for your model railway – 5 things you can do

How I’m equipping my shed to make it the perfect home for model trains...
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Baseboard construction – an alternative technique

Most modellers make their layout baseboards from wood. But there’s an alternative, easier, more flexible...
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