MRE at the workbenchI’m Andy Leaning. Welcome to MRE, my internet man-cave, where I share unique tips, guides, fun stories, videos and photos of my passions: model making, railway layouts and home engineering projects.

Model Railway Engineer (MRE to its friends) is the multi-award winning site where miniature-world makers (over quarter of million of you in 2019), come for inspiration, reviews and tutorials.

The name comes from my three life-long passions:

Models, wargaming and miniature making and painting, read how I started with scale models and miniatures,

Railways, making model trains and layouts (read more about my journey with tiny trains and model railways), and

Engineering, projects in my shed – steam engines, Arduino programming, wood work and 3D printing etc.

Mini MeIt started as a blog for model railways in 2013 and now contains a huge number of articles and videos on one or more of these subjects. Although, as it’s my site, I also occasionally cover some of my other interests: photography, history and travel where they cross over with the main topics of are of interest to the model railroad hobbyist, as we’re known in America.

The vast majority of the articles here written by me, with the tips and techniques tested and proven on my models before hand.

The reviews are, unless otherwise stated, my experiences of using the products and are independent of the product manufacturers with no incentive or commercial arrangement — I buy all the products at normal retail prices.

Occasionally, I may link to eBay or other online vendors through which you can buy the products mentioned. These links are made under the affiliate schemes which means that although the price to you doesn’t change I get a small commission on the orders you place which contributes towards the cost of maintaining the site. Please see the disclaimer for more details.

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March, 2020.

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