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Old Triang trains on modern Hornby track, yes or no

Tri-Ang R153
I'd love to give you a simple yes or no answer to this question but unfortunately the answer isn't as clear cut. [...]

Resources for Triang railway collectors

Tri-ang catalogue 11th Editiion
No man is an island and no collector can amass the perfect collection all by him (or her) self. Here are contacts, resources and businesses I've found useful [...]

My Tri-ang Collection

Triang 253 shunter
I'm a bit of a Tri-ang train fan and collect original vintage rolling stock, here are a few photos of my favourite items from my collection. [...]

The Tri-ang company history

Tri-Ang Railways Logo
Tri-ang is a name that will be familiar to many railway modellers but where did it come from and what happened to the once mighty company? Here's a potted [...]

Triang Merton Factory

One of my layouts, the Wandle Valley, will feature the old Tri-ang factory in Merton. Sadly, the building is no longer there which makes modelling it difficult [...]

Triang Adverts & Promotional Material

Tri-ang Railways logo
Vintage Tri-ang and Tri-ang Hornby promotional signs and adverts. [...]

Rovex Tri-ang Track & Accessories

My collection of Tri-Ang accessories, buildings and track. [...]