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N Gauge

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KMRC Launches Exclusive Class 47/7 ‘Prince Henry’ in Royal EWS Livery

Graham Farish N Gauge Class 47/7 Diesel 47 799 Prince Henry in EWS Royal Claret
Kernow Model Rail Centre (KMRC) has unveiled an exclusive addition to their range: the Graham Farish N Gauge Class 47/7 Diesel, numbered 47 799 and [...]

Peco unveils exclusive Christmas edition wagons

Peco N gauge christmas wagon
Peco announce new Christmas special edition wagons. [...]

Bachmann Europe Summer 2023 range news unveiled

Bachmann Europe has announced its upcoming Summer range of model trains, with new N and OO gauge models unveiled. [...]

Kernow release Cornish engine house for N gauge

derelict Cornish Engine from Kernow
Kernow Model Rail Centre has released the derelict Cornish engine house model, previously only in OO gauge, in N Gauge for the first time. [...]

Dapol announce N gauge Class 221 DEMUs

Dapol N gauge Class 221 Cross Country
Dapol has announced a new batch of their Class 221 'Super Voyager' DEMUs in N gauge. [...]

Model railway gauge: the definitive guide

How does gauge influence a railway's look and feel? What's the difference between gauge and scale? How do different gauges compare? In this comprehensive and [...]

N Gauge model trains – what you need to know

n gauge train repair
N gauge is hugely popular but what is it? Here's what you need to know before leaping in to the world of N scale model railways. [...]

The Best Ballasting Tool For N Gauge Model Railways

Best N Gauge Ballast Spreader
Ballasting is one of those tasks you either love or hate on a model railway. It transforms your track work but is a slow laborious messy process that's hard to [...]

How wide are UK roads in OO and N gauge

Road widths for model railways
If your layout features roads you'll want accurate widths for them, why go to all the trouble of making wonderful looking track and scenery only to ruin it [...]

Is z scale smaller than N scale?

Z and N scale trains two of the smallest commercial scale model trains you can get but which is smallest. [...]

What voltage do N scale model trains run on

What's the best voltage for N scale trains to run on? [...]

Is N Scale cheaper than HO?

N and HO scales are the two most common worldwide standards for model trains an common question for those thinking about this wonderful hobby then is which is [...]

How many feet and inches is an N scale mile?

How many feet and inches are you going to need to model one mile of track or landscape in N gauge?  The answer will surprise you. [...]

How big (or small) are N gauge trains: photos and dimensions

How big (or small) are n gauge model trains
If you are thinking about getting an N gauge train you might be concerned about how small (or large) they are? Are they too small see or handle? How do they [...]

Is Z scale smaller than N scale

N and Z scales are the two smallest widely available model train scales, but which is smaller? [...]

How long is an N scale Mile?

How many feet will you need to recreate one mile in N gauge and how to work around the space challenge. [...]

What scale is N gauge

N gauge is the second most popular model railway size but the scale of models you can use with the trains varies. [...]

What magic is this? How do I get working bicycles on my model railway?

cyclist magnorail
You've probably seen moving cars, buses and lorries on model railways but how about bicycles complete with cyclists, their legs furiously moving up and down? [...]

What is the best glue for laying track – Hornby or Peco, it’ll hold both

Today, I'm going to answer one of the most common questions that pops up in my mailbox and in the ModelRailwayEngineer community group. What's the best glue to [...]

6 videos about track laying you have to watch: UPDATED

Everything you need to know about successfully laying track and track tips galore in 6 must-watch videos. [...]