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What are callipers and why do I need digital one for model railways

Why digital callipers are an essential tool for model railway construction and maintenance. [...]

Best low-speed hand drill for modellers

Drilling a Warhammer gun barrel figure with the Tamiya drill
Looking for a quicker, easier, and safer way of drilling holes in plastic models, miniatures, and polymer clay? The Tamiya mini-drill is a hole-in-one for your [...]

Time for a new screwdriver set

Wiha screw driver being used on a model train
I recently treated myself to a new screwdriver set. [...]

Tools – reviews and discussions

Testing tools is my passion. [...]

Four E’s Vortex Paint Mixer Review

Four E's Mini Vortex Mixer review
Just over a year ago, I purchased the Four E's mini vortex paint mixer and have been using it since then to test it. Here's how I got on. [...]

Best air fryer for polymer clay

Photo of a desktop polymer clay oven - air fryer
Playing with polymer clay is a wonderfully creative and enjoyable activity, but there's one major hurdle that can dampen your creative spirit. [...]

The six must-have Dremel Bits & accessories for model train enthusiasts

Dremel model railway
Enhance your model train railway with these six essential Dremel accessories. [...]

Taking a new tool for a spin

Parkside desktop disc sander
When old and cherished hand tools meet the ease, speed and convenience of a modern power tool. [...]

The gimlet hand-tool, what is it, why you need one and the best to get

Photo of a wooden handled gimlet
Another of my occasional posts on old-hand tools, this time the gimlet. What is it, why they're so useful, why I use them and the best Gimlet to get now. [...]

What is the difference between a Dremel collet and chuck?

If you work with Dremel's or other rotary tools, you'll have heard about collets and chucks. But what are they, which should you use and when. [...]

The scratch awl and its uses

Scratch awl, what are they
For reasons I can't explain, I love old tools and one of my favourites in my tool box is the scratch awl. [...]

Best wire stripping tool for model railways and household electrics

best wire stripper
The easiest, fastest and best way to cut and strip wires for electrical work. [...]

Best face mask for model making

Me wearing the best mask for spray painting
It won't do for me. Now. [...]

Which Xuron track cutter to get (and how to use them for perfect cuts)

cutting model railway track
Struggling to get clean, straight ends, for your N, OO, and HO track when cutting it? Here's how I use the Xuron cutters to get the perfect track every time. [...]

Best Ballast Spreader for N, OO and HO track updated for 2024

Best N Gauge Ballast Spreader
Ballast transforms your railway from a train set to a model railway but it's time-consuming, fiddly and slow to lay. No more with this brilliant little ballast [...]

Holding foam board and plasticard in place when gluing

engineers block
When making buildings from either foam board, plasticard (styrene sheet) or card - such as Metcalfe kits - a common problem is how to hold the various pieces [...]

A rotating tool holder, it’s not what you might expect

rotating model tool and paint holder
Is your workbench a mess, with tools, paints and glues scattered around? Looking for an organiser? I was and have found what could be the perfect rotating [...]

A stable aid to let you keep modelling when your hands shake

arm rest help model making and model trains-small
If tremors and shakes are keeping you away from your model making, this handy accessory will be a game changer for your modelling. [...]

Revitalising static grass

Bring your static grass bake to life with this cool little tool. [...]