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Everything you need to know about building and creating model railways, including baseboards, track work, landscaping and DCC and DC electrics.

From Train Set To Model Railway (or how to build a model railway layout)

Picture of a model railway
Welcome, if you've arrived here you're probably building a model railway or want to explore rail transport modelling. Maybe you started with a Hornby-style [...]

Model Railways: the perfect hobby for retirement

An older man relaxing and playing with model trains
As the golden year's approach and the hustle of a 9-to-5 fades into the horizon, many retirees find themselves searching for a hobby that's both fulfilling and [...]

Pest proofing your model railway

Ladybird on model railway track
One of the biggest threats to your layout are insects, bugs and rodents. [...]

The best dehumidifiers to keep your model railway safe (and keeping your trains run smoothly)

Dehumidifier for model railways
If your man cave is in a shed or log cabin in your garden or spare room and you have humidity problems, your railways and models are at risk. After a bit of [...]

Improve Locomotive Running with Graphite Pencils – How and Why

Using a graphite pencil to improve electrical conductivity and smoother locomotive operation on a model railway
Want to improve the smoothness and reliability of your trains? All it takes is a pencil. [...]

How prevent, find and fix model railway track voltage drops

Photo of a digital multimeter being used to measure track voltage on a model railway
Voltage drop is a common problem in model railways, especially when you start adding more track and accessories and is one of the most common causes of [...]

5 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Hornby Model Train Set

Smokey Joe train set
Thinking of getting your first train set? With so many packs available, it can be tough to know which train set is right for you. [...]

Pentewan Track Plan

Model railway layout plan Pentwan
Here's a plan for one of the most enjoyable layouts I've built. [...]

How would you wire this passing loop oval layout?

John's planned OO gauge track plan
John B. Recently posted a track plan to the ModelRailwayEngineer community asking for wiring suggestions. [...]

Shuttle-units: what you need to know

TriAng shunters with shuttle unit
Sit back and let your model railway run on autopilot with a shuttle controller. MRE investigates these handy little devices. [...]

CDUs: The Power Behind Model Railway Point Control

Photo of a model railway CDU from Gaugemaster
If you're a model railway enthusiast, you know how important it is to keep your points (or turnouts) working properly. A Capacitor Discharge Unit (CDU) can [...]

The six must-have Dremel Bits & accessories for model train enthusiasts

Dremel model railway
Enhance your model train railway with these six essential Dremel accessories. [...]

Don’t Get Derailed

Photo of model railway track
New to track laying? Read these eleven beginner-friendly tips to laying track like a pro. [...]

What wire should I use for a CDU

From the gauge to the length, choosing the right wire is key to the operation of a CDU and point motor. Read this quick guide to the best wire for your CDU. [...]

What is a CDU & why do you need one

Photo of a model railway CDU
CDUs are a common component on many model railways, but what are they? [...]

Getting crafty with track: Ballast Collection with Polymer Clay

Using polymer clay to clean up model railway track ballast
An unconventional but cheap and effective technique for removing rogue ballast from your track. [...]

Spaghetti free wiring

Here's a handy little tip to reduce cable chaos on your layout. [...]

Background scenic sounds

model railway
Want ambient background sounds on your layout, it's cheaper and easier than might you think. [...]

Never Use These Three Materials For Your Baseboard

Just don't use these. Trust me. [...]

Fixing buildings down

model train building
How to secure buildings to the baseboard but still allow them to be removed later. [...]