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Tales from my workbench, shows reports and build project updates for my models and model train layouts.

From workshop to studio

Studio where I make model railway models
Today, I'm sharing with you a major transformation that has taken place in my world - the reorganisation of my workshop into a model-making studio. [...]

New! Exclusive model railway mug

model railway engineer mug
The exclusive Model Railway Engineer mugs are back in stock. [...]

Triang R353 Yard Switcher

Tri-ang R353 Yard Switcher
My ever-increasing Triang collection continues to grow, with the acquisition of the delightful Tri-ang R353 Yard Switcher. And it could be ideal for a [...]

The 2023 model railway survey

It's that time again! [...]

Making a miniature bird nest

Photo of a miniature bird nest for model railways
Making model bird nests. [...]

It has a name! Why my model railway is called White River Mills

White River Mills Model Raiilway
After much contemplation, countless cups of tea, and a dash of inspiration, I've finally given my 009 exhibition layout a name: Welcome to White River [...]

An optical illusion

Photo showing mirror hiding rear of model railway layout
It's been bugging me for ages. [...]

Front of house for the exhibition layout

Photo of my exhibition model railway with newly fitted covers
From the very start of constructing this layout, I've intended the layout to be boxed in. [...]

MRE still on track?

Word cloud graphic of what's covered on model railway
Every so often I review MRE and check it's still on track. [...]

Taking a new tool for a spin

Parkside desktop disc sander
When old and cherished hand tools meet the ease, speed and convenience of a modern power tool. [...]

Making a model derelict barn

abandoned barn model
Making a scratch built barn to hide the fiddle yard entrance on the layout was a lot of fun. [...]

Adding animals

oo scale dog
As a break from building construction for the layout, I painted a few more animals that will be live around the railway. [...]

Covid brings about a new man-cave

Time for a new home... Again.... [...]

Finishing touches

scale model pigeon
I've recently finished another building for my exhibition layout. Well, it'll do for now. [...]

Scratch building a 4mm scale storage shed

Photo of a stoage shed on a model railway.
How the storage sheds for White River Mills where constructed. [...]

I didn’t mean to do that

spilt fluid
How working on the model river lead to flooding one of my points with masking fluid! [...]

Making a river, exhibition layout

Photo of a river on a model railway closeup.
Starting on the scenery. [...]

Mission impossible: The impossible railway

I've seen some bonkers model railways over the years but nothing compares to this. [...]

Building an OO scale mill house

wills kits ct22 kit
Building a mill house. [...]

Revision, exhibition layout

With the baseboard construction and track laid down, I've had a chance to plan some of the detail of the layout and typically this highlighted a problem. [...]