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If Game of Thrones Had Trains

Game Of Thrones map
Trains versus dragons? [...]

The Name Game

Looking for a realistic British name for your model railway. Here's 200 to get you started. [...]

Third Rail Tips

Building a modern era electric track layout? Wondering about that third rail? Here are a few tips to get you started. [...]

It doesn’t always work. Not with a Nokia anyway….

It's been a disappointing Bank Holiday weekend. And not just because of the rain. [...]

Progress update: Wandle Valley Railway

It's all go for my new layout, the shed is sorted; baseboards are down and the layout design complete. The track plan however... That's another story. [...]


An apology, time for something new and a bit of the old. [...]

Revealed: my most embarrassing model making moments

There I was happy in my own little world of model trains. And then I saw the odd expression on the face of a lady walking past. [...]

Of Gin, Grime and Geoff Burch

I spent last night in a local pub drinking some absolutely delicious Tiger Gin. What's that got to do with model railways you ask.... [...]

Making A Garage Fit For A Railway

I’ve had a few emails and comments recently from modellers asking if a garage can be used to house their model railway. [...]

What model railway builders can learn from Lego

Lego model railways
Don't laugh but model railways can learn a lot from Lego. Okay, not about realism or authenticism but about something perhaps more important. [...]

A day trip to Eastleigh

For my birthday my brother and his wife got me tickets for the miniature railway at Eastleigh. This weekend a Big Four show, with scaled down engines from the [...]

Upgrading an old model train

If, like me, you have old Hornby or Graham Farish locomotives on your railway you may notice they lack a bit of oomph. Here's how I give mine a power-up. [...]

I am the bringer of death

Here's a little secret. I'm terrible for starting new layouts before finishing the last one. In fact, I've got several in various stages of "uncompletion" [...]

Pictures to inspire, photos from Crawley Model Railway Society 9th / 10th April 2016

Looking for inspiration? Here's a few photos of the amazing layouts at Crawley Model Railway Society's 2016 exhibition held last [...]

Little England or how to model a large area in a small space

If you've been following this blog  you'll know I'm working on a big new layout. But creating England, from Margate to Penzance, in miniature is anything but [...]

Great South Railway – Go Go Go

This is most exciting, important and frankly insane moments in the four years I've been writing ModelRailwayEngineer. [...]

It Always Happens

It all looks good until you decide otherwise. Experienced model railway modellers will know this story only too well. It's certainly true for my layouts. [...]

Saturday Fun – Fixing Up An Old Hornby Rail Set

Last weekend I picked up a bargain of old Hornby OO railway set at my local boot fair. I gave the loco electrics a quick check on the day and then put it away [...]

What Do You Think? Clever But Too Silly?

I keep watching these! These tiny railways are a feat of modelling and engineering but are they also just a bit too silly? What do you think? [...]

Lights, Camera, Trains, Lego, Action!

Watch in awe as trains load and unload coal on this huge, and frankly bonkers, computer controlled Lego railway. Is there anything it doesn't do? [...]