Making models with Mamod

Mamod engineUsing a Mamod engine and Wilesco accessories as model making workshop? Will it work?

IĀ have an electrical feed from my house to the shed. This feed powers my railway, lighting, heater, compressor, extractor, assorted tools and most importantly a kettle! The only thing missing is a fridge šŸ™‚

It’s my man cave and it suites me perfectly and it’s where I do a lot of louder, messier, work.

Unfortunately, the other day something went wrong with the electrics and I lost power to this garden den.

I’d hoped to get some modelling on this particular day.Ā  Namely some OO scale scratch building and starting onĀ the Sterling engine project.

This work required theĀ pillar drill or my trustyĀ Dremel but without power, I was scuppered.


But then my creativity kicked in.

In another corner of my shed isĀ an old Mamod engine that I’m fixing up. There are also a few Wilesco workshop tools that attach to it. A Wilesco pillar drill in particular.

TheseĀ are fun to watch but surely they’re toys and not suitable for actual use?

But without power and drill work to be getting on with it was time to find out.

I topped up the boiler of the Mamod engine, lit the burner and let itĀ build up a head of steam.

Next came plastic bottle that will be used as the cylinder for a proof of concept Sterling engine and which needed holes drilling.Ā  I placed this under the Wlesco pillar drill, flicked the flywheel and it burst into life, rotating the drill bit as it should.

The drill bit isn’t really a drill but a shaft with a flattened head on it and I was doubtful it would work but work it did.

It took longer than it would have taken with a normal electric drill but it the holes as required.

This was fun!

I was making a trains parts with a steam engine!

A short time later, I’d drilled the holes required and without an Amp of electricity.

The steam and burner had even warmed the shed up a bit.

Sure,Ā these tools aren’tĀ  ideal but it was a fun experiment and madeĀ the modelling more interesting although slightly slower.

I’d love to hear from anyone else who uses their Mamod and Wilesco with workshop tools for real too.

How far could you take these tools and a Mamod or Wilesco engine? Could aĀ model making lath or band saw be driven?

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