ModelRailwayEngineer started as a hobby site where the owner could share his passion for modelling and model railways. Over time the site has grown and to fund the costs associated with hosting and running it, it’s now operated as a small business, funded in part by affiliate marketing.

How affiliate marketing works

When you buy a product from certain online shops after clicking on a link on ModelRailwayEngineer, the owner receives a commission from the sale.

If you click on a link that takes you to Amazon or eBay and you then buy a pair of pliers or a Hornby locomotive, for example, the owner receives a commission payment. This happens, even if you don’t buy a model railway-related item. If you clicked on a link from ModelRailwayEngineer to one of the affiliate partners and make a purchase a commission payment is made.

The amount of this commission is usually a few per cent of the item price and costs you nothing, the price to you does not change because of these links, but this commission helps keep the site online.

Not all links on the site lead to affiliate partners but there will always be a disclaimer at the foot of the page where this is the case.

ModelRailwayEngineer Affiliate Partners

As of Feb. 2021, ModelRailwayEngineer has relationships with:

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Thank you

It takes considerable time, energy and money to run ModelRailwayEngineer and it’s only through affiliate marketing that this can be done, the site is maintained and free to access. The money made from affiliate marketing costs you nothing but keeps the site online so thanks for supporting the site and your support.