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Author: Andy Leaning

What are callipers and why do I need digital one for model railways

Why digital callipers are an essential tool for model railway construction and maintenance. [...]

From workshop to studio

Studio where I make model railway models
Today, I'm sharing with you a major transformation that has taken place in my world - the reorganisation of my workshop into a model-making studio. [...]

A super realistic brazier with flickering flame effect for OO gauge model railways

Flickering flame brazier for oo gauge model railways
Oil drum fires, also known as braziers, were and still are a common sight in railway settings. From sidings and depots to building sites and gardens, these [...]

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for model railways enthusiasts

Valentines Day ideas for model railways
Get the model train enthusiast in your life a unique gift for Valentine's Day. [...]

Building your dream layout: A brick-by-brick guide to model railway buildings

A ready to place premade model station from Hornby
Choose your perfect railway buildings: from budget-friendly paper to jaw-dropping bespoke buildings and structures. [...]

From Train Set To Model Railway (or how to build a model railway layout)

Picture of a model railway
Welcome, if you've arrived here you're probably building a model railway or want to explore rail transport modelling. Maybe you started with a Hornby-style [...]

New! Exclusive model railway mug

model railway engineer mug
The exclusive Model Railway Engineer mugs are back in stock. [...]

Triang R353 Yard Switcher

Tri-ang R353 Yard Switcher
My ever-increasing Triang collection continues to grow, with the acquisition of the delightful Tri-ang R353 Yard Switcher. And it could be ideal for a [...]

Model Railways: the perfect hobby for retirement

An older man relaxing and playing with model trains
As the golden year's approach and the hustle of a 9-to-5 fades into the horizon, many retirees find themselves searching for a hobby that's both fulfilling and [...]

Pest proofing your model railway

Ladybird on model railway track
One of the biggest threats to your layout are insects, bugs and rodents. [...]

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Frequently asked questions about sanding, buffing and polishing polymer clay

Polymer figure on pile of different grit sandpapers.
Got questions about sanding, buffing, and polishing Fimo, Sculpey, and other types of polymer clay? This 1,300-word round-up of frequently asked questions [...]

Frequently asked questions about static grass

Adding static grass to a warhammer space wolf
Definitive answers to the top 35 most frequently asked questions about static grass. [...]

Best low-speed hand drill for modellers

Drilling a Warhammer gun barrel figure with the Tamiya drill
Looking for a quicker, easier, and safer way of drilling holes in plastic models, miniatures, and polymer clay? The Tamiya mini-drill is a hole-in-one for your [...]

The best dehumidifiers to keep your model railway safe (and keeping your trains run smoothly)

Dehumidifier for model railways
If your man cave is in a shed or log cabin in your garden or spare room and you have humidity problems, your railways and models are at risk. After a bit of [...]

Best (and cheapest way) to add extra trains to a kids wooden train set

Fun and brightly coloured 12 piece wooden toy train collection for goys and girls
If your son or daughter loves their wooden train set and you want some more imaginative and inspiring trains for them to use with it, these make an ideal gift [...]

Improve Locomotive Running with Graphite Pencils – How and Why

Using a graphite pencil to improve electrical conductivity and smoother locomotive operation on a model railway
Want to improve the smoothness and reliability of your trains? All it takes is a pencil. [...]

How to paint skeletons (and skulls) miniatures in easy 5 steps

Skeleton solider mini figure painted
Painting miniature bones and skeletons can be a daunting task, but it's actually quite simple with the right techniques and materials. In this quick [...]

Time for a new screwdriver set

Wiha screw driver being used on a model train
I recently treated myself to a new screwdriver set. [...]

Electric train sets Vs model railway set: what’s the difference?

Children's electric train set
Model railway train sets and electric train sets are both great hobbies for people of all ages. But what's the difference between the two? [...]