What scale is Hornby?

What scale models go best with Hornby model trains?

Hornby model trains are 1:76:2 scale, or 4mm to the foot so every foot on a full size object is reduced down to 4mm on a model on or around a Hornby train.

If you’re looking for vehicles and figures, you’ll get away with (assuming you don’t look too closely) models in 1:76, 1:73 and even 1:72 scale. These are common scales for military, miniature wargaming and armoured fighting vehicle models so there are a wide range of kits available.

It’s worth noting, that while Hornby trains are 1:76:2 scale, the track they run on is different. Hornby OO track is 16.5mm wide which is narrower than it should be. The reasons for this are historical and don’t matter here but are worth noting if you are a purest and looking for scale accuracy. If this is you, you might want to consider P4 or EM track which has the correct width for the scale of the rolling stock.

If this is confusing, see my guide to the difference between scale and gauge.


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