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The best model train sets 2023

Hornby R1281M Red Rover Train Set
Everything you need to know to pick the best model train set by type, age, price and more.   Best train sets at a glance Best all-around train [...]

From Train Set To Model Railway (or how to build a model railway layout)

Picture of a model railway
Welcome, if you've arrived here you're probably building a model railway or want to explore rail transport modelling. Maybe you started with a Hornby-style [...]

Model Railways: the perfect hobby for retirement

An older man relaxing and playing with model trains
As the golden year's approach and the hustle of a 9-to-5 fades into the horizon, many retirees find themselves searching for a hobby that's both fulfilling and [...]

Electric train sets Vs model railway set: what’s the difference?

Children's electric train set
Model railways train sets and electric train sets are both great hobbies for people of all ages. But what's the difference between the two? [...]

5 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Hornby Model Train Set

Smokey Joe train set
Thinking of getting your first train set? With so many packs available, it can be tough to know which train set is right for you. [...]

Model railway gauge: the definitive guide

How does gauge influence a railway's look and feel? What's the difference between gauge and scale? How do different gauges compare? In this comprehensive and [...]

Where do most people keep their model railway

Thinking about building a model railway and wondering where to put it? Here's where other modellers keep theirs. [...]

The lowest priced Hornby train

Hornby r3359-rothery-industries train lowest price
Looking for the lowest price Hornby train for a present or gift. MRE has tracked it down. [...]

Z Gauge Vs OO Gauge

OO gauge vs Z gauge locomotives
OO gauge is the most popular UK model railway gauge, Z gauge is the smallest commercially available model trains. Both have strengths and weaknesses. Here's [...]

Christmas Tree Train Sets: The Best Train Sets To Go Under Your Tree 2023

Christmas tree train set
Looking to make your child's Christmas morning extra special? It can't get better than a train trundling its way around your Christmas tree or as a present to [...]

What is the best model train brand? Now updated for 2023

Model trains have been around for decades and in that time the top brands and manufacturers have changed a lot over the years. Here are the top brands for [...]

How much does a model railway cost?

how much do model railways cost
If you're thinking of starting a model railway or perhaps revisiting the trains your dad or grandad had, one of the first questions most people ask is how much [...]

What is Z gauge: Six things you’ll want to know before starting

Märklin Modellbahnen Z gauge
If you're itching to build a model railway but don't have space, Z gauge is the answer. Here's a quick primer on what you need to know to get started. [...]

009 scale model railways – everything you need to know

Evaleight Light Railway 009
No, 009 is not the successor to James Bond but the modelling of narrow gauge railways. Here's what you need if you're thinking of starting  [...]

OO gauge vs N gauge

OO or N gauge
What I wish someone had told me before. [...]

Model Railway Beginners Q&A: How to connect more power leads to a model railway set

If you've added more track to your model railway set you'll reach a point where just one power-clip isn't enough. But how do you get more power to your track [...]

7 Ways To Get Track Cheap in 2023

You don't need to buy brand new and expensive Peco and Hornby track for your model railway. Use these 7 techniques and save your money. [...]

The definitive beginners guide to setting up Hornby model railway

OO track cleaning
So you got a Hornby train set for Christmas or perhaps taken the plunge and bought your first model railway, probably a Hornby starter set. You've [...]

How Much Space Is Needed for A Hornby Train Set

A question asked by many beginners is how much space will they need for a railway set. It's a good question but it's a bit more involved than you might [...]

5 Ways To Make Your Train Set More Interesting

Fed up with watching the trains in your railway set go around and around in an oval? Want a bit more variety? Here are five ways to add interest to railway [...]