The Difference Between Scale and Gauge – Beginners Guide

guage and scaleOne of the challenges beginners to model railways face is understanding scale and gauge and the relationship between them. If you’re about to starting building a layout this simple video will tell you what you need to know.

I’ve touched on the differences between scale and gauge before (see this beginners q&a) but still get a lot of questions about on the subject so here’s a handy video for those struggling to understand.

What’s unusual about this video – compared to a lot of others – is that it covers not just the main sizes – N and OO – but many others too. Indeed, one of the questions about scale and gauge is that while N and OO are understood how do HO, HOe, HOn3, HOm, 0n30, 009 and O fit in. This video explains all and also includes some nice footage of trains in these sizes running along with visual comparisons to coins to help.

Sit back and enjoy.

If you still have questions, see an earlier model railway beginners Q&A on the difference between scale and gauge.

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