Want the fonts to create model transport road signs? Get them here for free

free downloadable road sign fontsThe Internet is a wonderful place. I can spend all day on it. Especially when I come across sites like this that give away the fonts you can use to create scale British road signs.

I’ve touched on creating realistic road surfaces before. And Oxford Diecast are offering ever-increasing ranges of road vehicles but what’s a road without road signs.

The problem is that while there are some street and road signs available the range is limited.

What’s needed is a way to make your own.

This is just a case of opening the word processor on your computer, writing the street sign you need, scaling it to 4mm to the foot for OO gauge (1.9mm for American N scale and 2.01mm for British N scale) and clicking on Print.

All very well.

But as anyone who has tried this will know, street signs created using the standard fonts available on a PC or Mac just don’t look authentic.

Luckily, you can now get fonts that perfectly match the fonts used for British street, road and motorway signs.

Just nip over to roads.org and download the one to match your requirements.

It’s a brilliant resource but I can’t claim the prize for finding it. This honour belongs to railway historian and all round nice guy, Tim Dunn. Thanks Tim!

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