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Model Making

Tips and techniques to make and paint better scale models and plastic kits for model railways, military plastic kits, miniatures and wargaming

A super realistic brazier with flickering flame effect for OO gauge model railways

Flickering flame brazier for oo gauge model railways
Oil drum fires, also known as braziers, were and still are a common sight in railway settings. From sidings and depots to building sites and gardens, these [...]

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for model railways enthusiasts

Valentines Day ideas for model railways
Get the model train enthusiast in your life a unique gift for Valentine's Day. [...]

Building your dream layout: A brick-by-brick guide to model railway buildings

A ready to place premade model station from Hornby
Choose your perfect railway buildings: from budget-friendly paper to jaw-dropping bespoke buildings and structures. [...]

Unlock your inner architect: making exquisite polymer clay model houses

Photo showing how walls of a model house and made from polymer clay
With creativity, patience, and a dash of imagination, polymer clay artist Beni Grob makes diminutive model railway dwellings. [...]

EPS Foam or XPS Foam – which is best for diorama making

EPS vs XPS foam
Trying to decide between XPS and EPS foam for your next diorama or scenery project? Read on to discover the key differences. [...]

How NOT to clean your paintbrushes

Photo of dirty paint brushes in a dirty pot of water
Don't do what I did! Follow these simple steps to keep your paintbrushes intip-top condition. [...]

Handle with care: the parts of a paint brush and how to clean them

The parts of a paint brush
Don't let dirty paintbrushes hold you back from creating your next masterpiece!  Know what the various parts of a brush do and how to look after them. [...]

From Flat to Fantastic: Tips for better card kit models

model card kit construction
Master the art of card kit construction with these quick, easy, proven tips. [...]

An Essential Step for Plastic Miniature & Model Painting?

Washing miniatures and plastic models
Are paint problems ruining your miniature masterpieces? The answer could be as simple as a wash! Discover why washing is a must before painting and how to do [...]

Itty-bitty icicles

how to make miniature icicles.
Add a winter touch to your miniature models with these quick to make Itty-bitty icicles. [...]

What is the difference between a Dremel collet and chuck?

If you work with Dremel's or other rotary tools, you'll have heard about collets and chucks. But what are they, which should you use and when. [...]

Can polymer clay be baked twice or rebaked?

Made a mistake or want to add something new to your polymer clay design after it's baked? Wondering if you can rebake it? Here's where you need to know. [...]

Making a model derelict barn

abandoned barn model
Making a scratch built barn to hide the fiddle yard entrance on the layout was a lot of fun. [...]

Best glue to add snow to your buildings

how to fix fake snow to model buildings
If you're making a Christmas diorama or snow scene on your model railway, you'll want snow on not just the ground but on buildings. But what glue should you [...]

Making miniature pumpkins

Miniature pumpkins
Possibly one of the cutest miniatures I've made. [...]

The best temperature and time to bake Fimo polymer clay

Oven thermometer showing best temperature for Fimo clay.
One of the most important things to know when baking Fimo is the perfect time and temperature to get the best results. [...]

7 Step Guide To Making Tarpaulin covers

How to make your own tarpaulin covers for wagons
You can buy ready-made tarpaulin wagons but you can also make your own. MRE goes undercover to find out how. [...]

How to make model sacks and sandbags

This cheap, quick and simple technique for making sandbags and sacks works for any scale and war game and requires little to now model making skills. [...]

What sponge to use for the best battle damage and weathering results

Weathering a Deathwing Terminator with a house-hold sponge
Want to improve your battle damage look? Sponges are the way to go but the type of sponge you use makes a big difference. [...]

Making OO scale model plants and pots

making oo gauge plants
How to make outdoor ornamental plants and pots for stations, gardens and building fronts. [...]