Skip the pain of reaching across your layout with this inspired home built aid

access ladder for reaching the back of a ;ayoutHow’s this for a nifty idea.

Alex Montagano‎ is building an N gauge layout and needed a way to reach over to the rear of the layout boards.

Now unless you’re lucky enough to have a spare barn with enough space to walk around your layout, this is something we all have to do. And if, like me, your backache after even 10 minutes bending over you’ll know it’s real problem.

For working underneath baseboards  car creepers provide a ready-made solution but I’ve not found aid to help top-side.

Alex, however, came up with an innovative solution.

access ladder for model railway

Alex ran electrical pipes along the wall behind his layout and then used two further piping to create an L shaped ladder. He can climb up and safely and comfortably rest on this while working on the hard to reach rear part of the layout.

The steps were made from 2×3 timber while the ladder sides are 3/4 inch conduit bent with an electricians conduit bender.

It’s a simple and very effective solution that I’ll certainly incorporate into my future layouts. Have you made any aids to help you work on hard to reach places around your layout? Share your suggestions in a comment below.


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