Lights, Camera, Trains, Lego, Action!

lego railway Watch in awe as trains load and unload coal on this huge, and frankly bonkers, computer controlled Lego railway. Is there anything it doesn’t do?

You’ve probably guessed that this blog is about model railways. And regular readers of this blog will know I focus on traditional model railways from Hornby etc and the model elements that go with it. But there’s another side to this site – the engineering aspect that goes into trains and models.

I’m also a computer geek by nature so when I came across this video I couldn’t help but sit enthralled.

Trains, computers, engineering all made possible by that other great toy – Lego. I’m in paradise!

So sit back and watch as the trains make their way around the huge layout before pulling up at silos and yards where the wagons are loaded and unloaded with “coal” via conveyor belts and cranes before they pull off again all done in Lego under control of the open source Arduino computer system.

The camera work is impressive too, with panoramic sweeping shots showing the huge size of the layout, on-board shots showing up close the complexity and detail as the trains make their way around the circuit and the glorious attention to detail of the trains and surroundings.

Lights, Camera, Trains, Lego, Action!

Now if someone did this with the realism of a model railway….

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