Best (and cheapest way) to add extra trains to a kids wooden train set

Fun and brightly coloured 12 piece wooden toy train collection for goys and girlsIf your son or daughter loves their wooden train set and you want some more imaginative and inspiring trains for them to use with it, these make an ideal gift suitable for all budgets.

This 12-piece wooden train set is perfect for train-loving kids of all ages and compatible with all the major wooden train set play systems. It includes a variety of train cars, each with its own unique function and need, and will delight any boy and girl who loves pushing their trains around the track and wants a few more vehicles. The cars are all linked together by strong magnets, so kids from 3 and 4 upwards can easily connect and disconnect them to create their own train layouts.

The bright colours and different themes will quickly catch your child’s eye and bring them endless fun.

The best expansion for a wooden toy train set, 12 distinctive trains that boys and girls will love to play with.This set is made of high-quality natural wood and 100% non-toxic paint. The surface is polished, with rounded edges and no sharp points, making it safe, durable, and able to withstand years of play.

This train set is compatible with all major wooden railway play systems. So, kids can easily expand their collection and create even more elaborate train layouts.

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Order your 12-piece wooden train set here let your child’s imagination run wild via Amazon now.

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