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Trains For Children

Lego, Thomas and wooden railway construction ideas, guides and reviews for parents of children mad about trains. The number one place if your child loves trains.

Best (and cheapest way) to add extra trains to a kids wooden train set

Fun and brightly coloured 12 piece wooden toy train collection for goys and girls
If your son or daughter loves their wooden train set and you want some more imaginative and inspiring trains for them to use with it, these make an ideal gift [...]

How to Choose the Best Wooden Train Set for Your Toddler

Wooden trains are classic toys that have been loved been enjoyed by children for generations. They are not only fun and engaging, but they can also be [...]

Bigjigs Flying Scotsman wooden train review & play tested

I've finally got it! After far too long I've got my hands on a wooden version of the most famous steam engine ever made,  the Flying Scotsman.  [...]

8 totally genius Instagram ideas for wooden railway sets

Keep your tiny engineers enthralled and entertained with these inspired ideas for Brio, Bigjigs,  Ikea and Thomas wooden train sets. [...]

A cheap, space saving, table for wooden trains

Looking for a cheap, simple, fold-away table for your children's wooden train set? Here’s a quick and easy solution. [...]

Train Books For Children This Christmas: 2022

The Polar Express
If you know or have a train obsessed child, these delightful train books for children are just the thing for a bit of Christmas bedtime story reading. [...]

Lego + Brio Wooden Trains = Super Toy Train

How to combine two childhood favourite toys to make one awesome train. All the fun of classic wooden trains with all the imagination and creativity of [...]

9 Quick And Easy Wooden Train Set Layout Ideas

Looking for track plan ideas for your child's wooden railway set? Here are 9 quick and easy designs they'll enjoy building and playing with. [...]

Making A DIY Table For A Children’s Railway

Looking for a quick, cheap, table to hold a small model railway? If you have a drill and a few nails why not build your own? [...]

The Best Toy Trains – everything you need to know about Brio and wooden railways

Looking for the best toy train set for your toddler? Want to get them the most enjoyable and educational trains? Or maybe you want to expand a Brio-style [...]

The Best Wooden Trains From Brio, Thomas and Bigjigs in 2024

Need a helping hand in finding a wooden train your son or daughter will love to play with? Here are the brightest, most colorful, fun-filled trains from Brio, [...]

The Top 5 Reasons Wooden Trains Derail and How To Fix Them

If your child's wooden train set doesn't run smoothly and the trains derail frequently it can be super frustrating for all concerned. Here are the top 5 [...]

The 8 best train videos that your railway obsessed child will love to watch

Young children love trains. But what if you can't get out or don't live near a railway line? Here's 8 of the best child-safe videos of trains, trains and more [...]

Wooden Train Sets – Where Do I Start?

If you're looking to buy a toddler their wooden first train set the choices can be mind boggling. Don't be daunted. This MRE guide to wooden trains will tell [...]

Making Wooden Tracks Fit Together

If your child is unhappy because their latest wooden railway track does't fit with their existing Brio or Bigjigs railway don't fret, all is not lost. [...]

How To build a wooden railway for your children

Wooden train set
If your child loves trains, a wooden train set will be the love of his or her young life. But if you're new to wooden trains you may be wondering how to build [...]

This is what a 490 foot Brio train set looks like

David Harper's wooden railway is a epic work of love created over many, many, years and has now got so big it's outgrown his house!  [...]

Are Wooden Trains Compatible?

Looking to expand your children's favourite wooden wooden train set? There are lots of choices and many makes but are they compatible?  [...]