The Easiest and Fastest Way To Ballast Your Track

Ballast transforms your railway from a train set to model railway but it’s time consuming, fiddly and slow to lay. No more.

Since I started using this ballast spreader, it takes me less time, with less mess and gives much better-looking ballast.  And there are versions for N, OO or HO gauge.

Just click below to buy yours now.

Click Here To Get the N gauge version (or if in the US)

Click Here To Get the OO/HO version (here if in the United States)

How’s it work?

Simply place the spreader on the track, fill the container with your chosen ballast and pull it along the rails. The dispenser drops ballast down the centre of the track and on either side of the rails, even creating the raised shoulder just as is seen on real railways.

Then it’s just a case of running your finger over the ballast to clear the sleepers. That’s it.

It’s so much easier and faster than other ballast laying techniques.

Here’s video showing it in action:

Click here to get it for N gauge (or if in the US)

Click here to get it for OO/HO (here if in the United States)

Any problems?

I’ve been using these for over a year now and I’ve yet to find a major flaw with them. The only advice I’d give is to work in from the end of track instead of the other way. This saves you getting to the of the track before you’ve used up all the ballast in the container which falls out onto the track as you lift it off.

Click here to get ballast the N gauge track (or if in the US)

Click here to get the OO/HO version (here if in the United States)

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