What size are OO scale figures?

Looking for plastic figures for your OO, Hornby, model railway? There are many figures available but what size is right for your layout?

Let’s not waste mine or your time here.

The correct size of figure for a OO gauge model railway is approx. 21mm or 0.82 inches.

This being based on the average height of a person in the UK being 175.3cm or 5.7 feet (Wikipedia)

This is based on OO gauge having a scale of 1:76:2, 4 mm to 1 ft. So a 5.7 * 4 gives 21.36mm; equally, a six foot tall person would be 24mm or  0.945 inches.

Plastic figures from military kits in 1:76 scale will match this; I have found that many model railway scale figures that are sold as being for OO gauge are often the wrong size, usually too small or thin and look a bit odd. I suspect this is because the figures are actually manufactured for mainland Europe where the smaller HO scale is more popular but they are rebadged and sold over here as being for OO.

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