What is a static grass applicator

Transform your model landscapes with a static grass applicator. Learn what it is and how it works in this informative read.

Static grass is short artificial fibres,  typically 2mm to 10mm in length, and coloured to look like real grass. When glued standing upright, it looks like real grass and adds realism to a model.

The challenge is how to get them to stand up. Sprinkle them onto glue with your fingers and they’ll just lay flat, looking like a mat.

This is where a static grass applicator comes in.

They are a tool used to deposit static grass on a model railway, diorama or wargame board and apply a static charge so they stand upright.

static grass applicator

The most visible element of them is a small sieve. This splits up the fibres and separates them. And as they fall through the mesh, a static charge is applied, which makes them stand upright when they land in glue.

There are several different makes and even DIY homebrew versions. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re looking for an applicator, check out my article on the best static grass applicators which looks at the different models and their advantages and disadvantages.

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