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Static Grass

All you could want or need to know about static grass for model making and dioramas: how to make it; how to apply it; the tools you’ll need.

Frequently asked questions about static grass

Adding static grass to a warhammer space wolf
Definitive answers to the top 35 most frequently asked questions about static grass. [...]

The best glue to use with static grass applicator

Photo of static grass mini figure basing using the glue mentioned in the article.
Not getting the results expected from a static grass applicator? The problem may be the glue being used. [...]

The Beginner’s Guide To Static Grass

The Melin Llechi layout
If you're looking to add realistic greenery to your miniature landscapes, static grass is a great option. But, what exactly is static grass and how do you [...]

Static grass miniature bases – how to

Adding static grass to a warhammer space wolf
Creating static grass bases for minis, in my case Space Wolves. [...]

How to apply static grass to miniature bases without an applicator?

How to apply static grass to war game miniature bases when you don't have an electric applicator. [...]

Static grass basing – how to make static grass bases for miniatures

grass miniature bases
Give your miniatures a lush green based with this 5-step technique. [...]

How to recreate sunburnt fields

Do something different with your model railway scenery and landscape and create a summer heat wave in miniature. [...]

Revitalising static grass

Bring your static grass bake to life with this cool little tool. [...]

What is a static grass applicator

Transform your model landscapes with a static grass applicator. Learn what it is and how it works in this informative read. [...]

A master class in static grass (creating slopes)

Static Grass Tutorial
Static grass makes a world of difference to a model landscape but getting it right on slopes is more involved than you might think. [...]

Best Static Grass Applicator for Model Railways in 2024

Best static grass applicator, review.
Static grass applicators can help you create lush, realistic grass for your model railway layout, miniature landscape, or wargaming mini. In this article, [...]

How to make your own grass

how to make your own grass
This is a short but great tip for making your own super-realistic grass by modeller Stephen Fay. [...]

Grass — Everything You Need To Know

Grass fields add life and realism to your railway, as seen in this photo of Miniature Wunderland in Germany.[/caption]If you want to bring your model railway [...]

How To Make Your Own Grass Tufts

Static grass tufts
Looking for cheap grass tufts? Here's an easy DIY method to produce your own. [...]

The secret to applying static grass without breaking the bank

This tip is so obvious it's frequently overlooked yet it's possibly one of the most effective and certainly cheapest alternatives to off-the-shelf static grass [...]