The undercover model railway: reader question

uncovered model railwayRegular reader Ed recently contacted me with an unusual question so I thought I’d throw it out to the ModelRailwayEngineer community.

Here’s Ed question:

“Does it make a difference if you keep your layout sheeted up?  

I have an old sheet over mine when not in use but it is such a pain to take on and off, sometimes catching small components, but I am sure I read somewhere this helps prevent track oxidisation.”

Pictures of his layout, covered and uncovered, can be seen above and below.

model railway underwraps

Is it worth keeping a model railway covered up?

I suggested that for indoor layouts, such as those in a spare room, it’s not worth doing. If a layout is in a shed or exposed area however than it could be worth doing.

What do you think?

Do you keep yours covered?

I’ll throw this out to the ModelRailwayEngineer Builder’s community too and update this with any comments so come back soon if this is something that you also do.


  1. House cleaning generates a lot of static and dust especially if one doesn’t empty dust bags regularly…cleaners lose efficacy if they are not cleaned themselves.
    Houses can vary terrifically in air quality, humidity, and dust/pollen levels, the latter of course makes for much track grime over a period.
    It’s because of this that I prefer to use polystyrene sheeting of the type that comes with flatpack furniture.
    It’s lighter than anything else, doesn’t suffer static problems and it is entirely lint free.

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