Stuck for space for your model railway? Here’s one uplifting solution

model railway lifting and loweringStuck for space for your layout? Here’s one modeller’s solution.

According to a recent poll amongst the members of the ModelRailwayEngineer Builder’s community, most of us keep our layouts in a spare room, shed, loft/attic or garage, in that order.

But if you need the space in the garage, shed or spare room what do you do then?

Here’s one modeller’s solution.

YouTuber fhferret keeps his 15ft by 12ft HO gauge layout in his garage but needing to also use the space has built a winch system to lift it out of the way when not in use.

This is similar to a system I had for one of my childhood layouts but it’s on steroids compared to my simple manual arrangement. Mine was just a board hinged to a wall at the bottom and could be lowered down when needed.

Obviously, substantial cables and winches are needed to handle the weight and the supports holding them will need to be robust enough but hopefully, it’ll give someone an idea that allows them to have a railway when they otherwise couldn’t.

Alternatively, if you’ve already got an automatic system like this please share the details — I’m sure other builders would love to hear about it.


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