The next level of modelling – is it real or a model?

Looking for ideas and inspiration for your modelling? Look no further than the models of Marcel Ackle, it’s hard to tell if you’re looking at a model or the real thing. His work has to be seen to be believed.

There are modellers and there are modellers and Marcel Ackle is one of the very best. If you haven’t seen his work zoom over to his website now and prepare to be amazed, inspired and frankly left in awe of his work.

I’m highlighted his work because there are so many ideas to be had from this master model makers’ work.

His attention to detail is incredible and borrowing of his ideas for a model railway will transform a layout. The oil can resting on a crate in this diorama, the dirty windows in his creation shown above or the moss growing on the damp parts of a wall in this house reconstruction are just some of the small little touches that make his works some of the best I’ve seen.

And it’s not just ideas to be had.

He also generously shares some of his techniques in a series of tutorials on his website, such as how he gets those amazing distressed wood and exposed brickwork looks. Just glancing through this 42 part series on how he made one of his buildings gave me enough tips and ideas to keep me busy for months and left me wanting to immediately revisit the buildings on my layout.

If you want to take your scenic modelling to the next level, visit his website now.

Picture, Marcel Ackle.

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