Sunday Scribbles: Madcapped idea for track cleaning

bristle bot track cleaningA daft idea that may make track cleaning easier. Has anyone tried it?
Okay, it’s early on a Sunday morning and I’ve been watching Youtube videos and stumbled across the video below.

It’s a daft little gimmick, hooking up a small motor and battery and taping them to a toothbrush head to make a ‘BristleBot’. Watch the video and you get the idea.

It’s a completely useless fun little home electrics project.

But it got me thinking.

Could something like this be hooked up on the front of a spare wagon to provide a better track cleaning device?

A firm brush held against the track and continually vibrating as its host wagon trundles around the track.

Would it work? Could it work? Has anyone done it?

I’ll be having a go in the next few weeks and would love to hear from anyone who has already tried it. Until then, check out these budget track cleaning tips.

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