Setting up my Christmas tree train

Christmas train setI’ve finally gotten around to setting up my Christmas tree and am now starting on the Hornby train to go under it.

I possibly went a bit overboard this year, with a 7ft tree but after a year like 2020 I think a little happiness is warranted.

With the tree set up, it was then time for the train set. As a foundation I used the Hornby Christmas train set described previously but also added a few other wagons and rolling stock to go with it.

The basic circle around the base took longer than expected – crawling around under the tree and avoiding the lighting wiring was hardware wasn’t fun. As a recommendation, I’d suggest, creating the oval and placing the tree into it rather than the other way as I did.

I’m still laying the track for the sidings but the main oval is working and the little train trundling around the tree looks just perfect.

What do you think?


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