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They may be small themselves but most model railways take up a fair chunk of space. You may think you don’t have enough room in your home but there are still lots of small places where you can put a railway.

train in caseWhen you think of model railways, what comes to mind?

For most of us, apart from delightful tiny trains trundling around miniature worlds, it’ll be the large area they occupy.

This can be a problem if you don’t have enough space but these clever ideas will help those with even limited space build their railway.

Inside A Coffee Table

This is just genius. Incorporating a model railway into a coffee table is inspired. You get a railway you can use all the time, visitors can admire it and yet it doesn’t use up any space. If done well, the layout will also be tucked away safe, free from prying hands.

On A Window Sill

Window sills are wasted on plants and ornaments when you could have a railway running along them. And the typical rectangular shape of window sills makes them ideal for many long layouts.

In An Old Fireplace

Many old houses (in England at least) have fire places that are no longer used. These vary in size but larger ones could be used for a small N gauge layout. Just make sure you seal off the chimney and it’s properly cleaned first, the dust and dirt will play havoc with your engines and track.

In A Suitcase 

What more needs to be said, it’s a railway in a suitcase! Using a suitcase has a lot of advantages, you can close the lid and put it away safe and dust free when not using it but it’s easy and quick to set up when it comes to work on it.

Can you beat these for small places to put your railway? Where is yours? Add a comment below.

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