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Track planning

Track plans, tools, resources, ideas, inspiration and guides for model railway track planning.

Pentewan Track Plan

Model railway layout plan Pentwan
Here's a plan for one of the most enjoyable layouts I've built. [...]

Six inspiring ideas and track plans to use for small spaces

scifi model railway layout
Here are my favourite track plans for small spaces. It includes plans for N, OO, HO and 009 scales with designs that will fit into small spaces around a [...]

Track Planning Software

Layout in 3D
I recently wanted to flesh out the track plan for the latest incarnation of my Cornish-themed layout, here's how I got on with various track planning [...]

Yard Design 101: What you need to know about designing model railway yards

fiddle yard design
Think creating yards for your model railway layout is simple. There's a lot to them than you may think.  Watch this and get the inside information plus loads [...]

Model Railways In Small Spaces | Ideas for The Space Limited

train in case
They may be small themselves but most model railways take up a fair chunk of space. You may think you don't have enough room in your home but there are still [...]