Looking for a different railway to model? Watch this sumptuous video for something different

Mauritania RailwayFed up with the standard English branch line railways or American CSX layouts? How about a railway with trains 3Km in length in some of most spectacular environment on Earth?

Most model railways tend to be fairly formulaic. But they needn’t be.

The world is full of interesting and unsual railways. Take the railway in this sumptuous video by Miguel De Olaso for National Geographic for example. The environment is extreme and the trains even more so, running to 3KM in length — yes, 3 kilometers!

It would make a very different layout.

It would be a fascinating layout to make, full of interesting and unique details and could be packed with numerous small diorama’s showing life on the edge.  If you’re interested, more information is available here and here.

It would take a ton or scatter material to model the sand but with my DIY technique that needn’t be a problem.

What are you waiting for?

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