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Layout Ideas

Peter Pan Layout

Peter Pan model railway
Embark on a magical model railway journey around Neverland with this plan designed for the forever young at heart. This captivating layout idea, crafted [...]

Looking for a different railway to model? Watch this sumptuous video for something different

Mauritania Railway
Fed up with the standard English branch line railways or American CSX layouts? How about a railway with trains 3Km in length in some of most spectacular [...]

Ideas for a future layout

Looking for something out of the normal for your next layout? What about a North American logging layout? [...]

Six inspiring ideas and track plans to use for small spaces

scifi model railway layout
Here are my favourite track plans for small spaces. It includes plans for N, OO, HO and 009 scales with designs that will fit into small spaces around a [...]

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away model railways are mono rail. Why not here?

han solo train
Where are the monorail model railways? [...]

Five unusual (and fun to watch) ideas from around the world for your next model railway layout

Hobbiton Railway
Let's face it: a lot, and I mean a lot, of model railways look the same. But they don't have to. [...]