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Photo of static grass mini figure basing using the glue mentioned in the article.Definitive answers to the top 35 most frequently asked questions about static grass.

Static grass FAQs

1. What is static grass?

Small coloured fibers that when charged with static electricity and scattered onto a base covered in glue creates lifelike model scale grass.

2. What is static grass made of?

Nylon or rayon fibers, but can also be made from other materials.

3. What are the different types of static grass?

Short, medium, long, and weeds and reeds.


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4. What is static grass used for?

Creating realistic-looking grass cover for model railroads, dioramas, and miniature scenery.

5. How do I apply static grass?

1. Clean and dry the surface.
2. Apply a thin layer of static grass glue.
3. Sprinkle static grass over the glue.
4. Use a static grass applicator to charge the static grass.
5. Allow the glue to dry completely.

6. What tools do I need to apply static grass?

A static grass applicator, static grass applicators are reviewed here.

7. What is the best static grass glue?

The best one for you will depend on the type of surface you are applying the static grass to.

8. What is the best static grass colour for different types of terrain?

Depends on the type of look you are trying to achieve, a blend of different colours usually works best.

9. How do I make static grass look realistic?

Use a variety of colours and textures, apply in thin layers, use a static grass applicator, and add other details.

10. How do I blend different colours of static grass?

Mix them together in a container or use a static grass applicator.

11. Is there a recommended scale or length for different model railway scales (e.g., HO, N, O)?

While preferences can vary, typically shorter grass lengths (1mm-2mm) are used for N scale, 2mm-4mm for HO scale, and 4mm-6mm or longer for O scale.

12. How do I apply static grass to hills and mountains?

Apply a thin layer of static grass glue, then sprinkle static grass over the glue and use a static grass applicator.

13. How do I apply static grass to trees?

Static grass can be effective as foliage on model trees. To do this, apply a small amount of static grass glue to the tree branches, hold the tree upside down and then sprinkle static grass.

14. Do I need to seal or protect my static grass after application?

It’s not usually necessary, but if the model will be handled frequently, a light spray of scenic sealer can help protect the fibers.

15. How do I make static grass look more lush and overgrown?

To make static grass look more lush and overgrown, you can apply multiple layers of static grass. You can also use a variety of different colours and textures of static grass to create a more realistic effect.

16. How can I prevent static grass from clumping?

To prevent static grass from clumping, you can use a static grass applicator to break up the clumps. You can also use a small amount of water to dampen the static grass before applying it to the surface.

17. How long does static grass last?

Static grass can last for many years if it is stored properly. However, the quality of the static grass may deteriorate over time. When applied to a model, it will usually last a few years although the colour may fade over time and it may need a static charge being waved over it to keep it upright.

18. How much does static grass cost?

Best static grass applicator, review.The cost of static grass will vary depending on the brand and type of static grass you choose. However, static grass is generally relatively inexpensive.

19. How do I make own static grass?

Static grass can be made from fur found on soft toys, as described here.

20. How do I prepare my surface before applying static grass?

First paint the surface with a base colour that resembles soil or dirt. Once that’s dry, spread a layer of PVA glue or another adhesive where you want the grass to appear.

21. What do I do if the static grass doesn’t stand up properly?

Ensure your static grass applicator is working correctly and that there’s sufficient charge. Also, the adhesive layer should be wet enough to allow the grass to penetrate and stand up.

22. Is there a recommended scale of static grass for 28mm miniatures?

Typically, 4mm to 6mm static grass works well with 28mm miniatures, but you can mix in longer or shorter fibers for variation.

FAQs about static grass applicators

23. How does a static grass applicator work?

It creates an electric charge, causing the static grass fibers to stand upright when sprinkled over a surface, giving the appearance of natural, growing grass.

24. What is the best static grass applicator?

The best one for you will depend on your needs and budget.

25. How does a static grass applicator work?

A static grass applicator contains a grill in which the static grass fibres are placed. An electric charge is then applied to the grill, causing the grass fibers to become statically charged as they fall through and stand vertically when landing.

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