Hiding the gap between baseboards

If you have portable baseboards and want to hide the gap between them when the layout is joined up this tip I saw on an exhibition layout could be just the answer.

I see a lot of layouts at shows. They’re naturally often made of sections (for portability) which are then joined up to make the full layout.

However, there’s often a nasty gap between the boards which ruins the look.

I saw a great solution to this problem at a show recently.

With the boards together spray expandable foam along into the gap. Let it set a little and then separate the boards. The foam will hold the shape of the gap where it met the other board but be fixed to one side only.

Once it’s dry paint and colour the foam so it blends in with the scenery around it.

Next time you put the boards together the foam will fill the gap and being slightly elastic it’ll flex as the boards are pushed together.

I’ve not tried it myself yet but it looked good – the gap between the boards was far less obtrusive.

I’m not sure which layout it was on so if you see it please let me know and I’ll update this.

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