What glue to use to stick tinfoil: Sunday Scribbles

how to glue tinfoilWhat’s the best glue to stick Aluminium (tin) foil? It makes great corrugated roofing but how to glue it?

For the buildings on my £35 model railway, I’m using a lot of Aluminium foil to make corrugated roofing. (See my guide on how to make corrugated roofing).

What I didn’t mention is how to stick the shiny sheets together.

There are comments on other sites that suggest PVA but you’re just wasting your time if you try this. PVA is great for ballasting, scatter material, paper, card and styrofoam and polystyrene but it’s no use whatsoever for tin foil. I’ve tried!

And Superglue, surprisingly, didn’t seem to work either.

No, for sticking tin foil together I use UHU all-purpose adhesive.

Extra: If you want to stick tin foil for a material that melts with UHU, foam etc, use PVA to glue a sheet of paper to the foam and then use UHU to glue the tin foil to the paper.

Just deposit a small amount along the areas to be fixed and hold it firm until the glue dries.

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