Can I mix Humbrol, Tamiya and Revel enamel paints?

Can I mix different makes of enamel paint?

You can’t mix different types of paint. E.G. stiring in acrylic paint into an enamel tinlet but what about different makes of the same paint type. Specifically, mixing Humbrol, Revel and Tamiya enamels?

The answer is yes. Unlike Acrylic paints where different manufacturers use different solvents, enamels can be mixed.

I regularly mix Humbrol and Tamiya for example.

The only thing to watch is that the drying times may change.

Tamiya, in my experience, dries faster than Humbrol and once you add Tamiya to the Humrol colours, the drying time reduces accordingly. It’s still not as quick as when using Tamiya exclusively but is faster than Humbrol paint on its own.

As a footnote, the same also applies to thinners. You can’t mix acrylic thinners with enamels and vice versa.

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