A quick & proven method for making modelling putty / paste

making your own model pasteJust a quick and proven tip to making your own modelling putty when you need to fill a hole on a model or miniature and have run out of, or can’t get, your usual brand.

While recently making up a Cadian Heavy Weapons team, I realised too late that I’d run out of the Tamiya putty I use for filling in gaps that crop up during assembly.

It was already early evening so the local GW shop would be shut but I didn’t want to stop mid-model-making so went in search of some behind the scenes alternatives.

After a bit of Googling and YouTubeing I came across this technique used at toy companies and shared on Adam Savage’s Tested channel.

Very simply, take some powdered and mix with a small amount of Superglue. Mix it together and you have instant DIY putty for filling in unwanted holes and gaps.~

As explained in the video, using different proportions of glue to powder allows for different viscosities of putty, which is a nice extra benefit over my usual paste.

Once you’ve got the mixture how you want it. just apply to the model or mini in the usual manner and leave to set.

It really works and served as a great alternative to my usual modelling paste for the rest of the evening.

An alternative formula is to use some off-cuts from sprue’s and soak it in liquid / thin cement for a day or so. The liquid cement melts the sprue parts down to create a thick fluid that will seep into spaces and then seal hard filling the gap. I’ve used this mixture before but the only issue is that it takes a day or so for the Styrene to melt which I didn’t have this time around.

Give a go and let me know how you get on.

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