A hot little tip for keeping your glue flowing

glue need point applicator unblockI use a lot of Revell Contacta glue. It’s ideal for all manner of model making jobs. But there’s a problem with them.

Revell’s Contacta glue is just like Humbrol and Tamiya liquid poly, they all give strong joins and don’t take long to weld peaces together but while the latter have a brush applicator, Revell’s version has a needle point dispenser.

This makes it ideal for when I want to apply glue along narrow edges while the Tamiya brush is better when gluing flat areas.

The problem is that between uses the glue remaining in the cannula of the Revell glue often sets hard, blocking the tube and rendering it useless. Even with the cap on, it often glues up.

If you have trouble seeing the fine edges of models when gluing them, take a look at this head visor. It’s the best and most comfortable I’ve used.

This is just one of those problems I’ve lived with. The packs aren’t expensive so it isn’t a massive problem but it is mightily frustrating.

I’d just assumed everyone else suffered in silence like me.

But it turns out there’s an easy solution.

Just heat the needle tip tube slightly, over a lighter or candle flame for a little while. This loosens up the glue and as it heats up it expands and pops out the end.

Hey presto, long life glue.

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  • Health and safety notice: keep the naked flame away from the fluid glue and the plastic pot, for obvious reasons. Also, do this in a well ventilated or open area.

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