Where do most people keep their model railway

Thinking about building a model railway and wondering where to put it? Here’s where other modellers keep theirs.

There are four main locations where the majority of model railway enthusiasts keep their layouts, these are:

Loft/Attic 20%
Garage 11%
Spare room 33%
Shed 21%

A small number kept their layouts in their main living space and some used their basement but the above locations were the standout spaces where most people put their model trains.

While I keep mine in my shed/studio, it’s clear, this is unusual with the majority keeping theirs in a spare room.

I’ll have to talk to my son about his bedroom 🙂

Where do you keep your model railway? Let me know in a comment below.

  • This was a poll of nearly 1,000 model railway hobbyists by ModelRailwayEngineer.com in the UK but also in North America and Australia carried out in the Winter of 2020.

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