Trouble-shooting track electrics tip

A simple little tip from MRE regular Tom P. for troubleshooting track electrics.

“Hi, if you have trains that don’t run on some parts of the track, here’s an easy way of finding out if its dirt on the rails or a nearby electrical connection that’s spoiling the fun.

Grab some wires with crocodile clips at each end and attach them to the rails where the train works and to just before or after the rails where it does – but after where the wires connect, in my case to the track joiners. Then try the train on the stretch of track.

If it still doesn’t run smoothly, it’s likely to be dirty rails. If it does run smoothly, you know it’s the electrical connection at the joiners or where they attach, that’s come lose.

It’s not foolproof of course but has saved me getting the soldering iron out a few times. I thought I’d cleaned the track but apparently not and was about to resolder the rail joiners!

Thanks, Tom.”

Useful tip Tom that I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate.



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