Static grass miniature bases – how to

Adding static grass to a warhammer space wolf

Creating static grass bases for minis, in my case Space Wolves.

The first step is to apply a masking paint (or liquid latex) to the sides of the base.

This protects the edges from getting discoloured or marked during the subsequent steps. With the sides protected, an olive green/brown mix is applied to serve as a base soil colour.

preparing the base of a miniature for static grass

Once the base colour paint and masking on the side is dry, the top is then coated with PVA wood glue and WWS 1mm ‘patchy’ brown static grass is sprinkled over it using a static grass applicator. Make sure to hold the ground wire near the area being covered as this helps the grass to stand up. The brown colour of this grass gives the eventual finished grass a deep base layer.

Put the base being covered on a sheet of paper so you can pour excess grass back into the container. See my round up on static grass applicators if you don’t have one.

Making a warhammer miniature static grass base, applying the base colour grsss

Next I spray the base with hair spray and apply a mix of 1mm and 2mm Alpine colour grass again using an applicator.

With this done, tip the base upside down to remove excess grass. Tapping it lightly with a soon will dislodge fibres that aren’t well secured and will fall off in time anyway.

Adding second coating of static grass, brighter green 2mm, to a miniature

I then apply another coating of hair spray and apply a light dusting of 4mm length spring colour grass.

The difference in colours from the patchy brown at the start to alpine green in mid lengths and light spring green final long lengths mirrors real grass, with the grass being greener as it grows taller.

As before, I hold the base upside down to shake off any loose fibres. If there are any strands not completely vertical, hold the applicator above them and turn it on to create a charge and pull them upright.

Adding static grass to a warhammer space wolf

Finally, I peal off the mask from the sides to reveal the black contrast and position the mini on the base. To hold it in place, I use Gorilla Glue Gel. This can be carefully placed and unlike other liquid glues doesn’t run, damaging nearby grass in the process.

What you’ll need

For good results, a static grass applicator is a must-have. Read my review of the best static applicators available.

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