The Top 7 Model Railway Websites, Must Visit Blogs for Inspiration and Advice

Looking for more tips and advice on model railways? Google will give you a million and one possible websites to browse, instead take a look at these websites which are some of my top sources for railway modelling info.

#1 The Models of Chris Nevard


What’s it about: A show case for the superstar of model railers. His layouts are famous, he writes and photographs for Model Rail Magazine but this blog is a show case of his work.

What I like about it: Aside from his obvious expertise what I like about the models seen in his blog is the atmosphere he somehow conjures up – you can almost feel that you could jump into his models and live them.

Visit for inspiration.

#2 Albion Yard

What’s it about: Originally a blog about the Albion Yard layout, it has now grown to cover to included published articles and model railway techniques.

Why I like it:  You can feel the effort and work that goes into Albion Yard, the quality, detailing and attention to detail leaps out of the pictures but why I’ve included it here are the tips and advice. The 15 minute heroes series of posts are inspired are the detail he goes into in other posts has to be applauded, the post on digital back scenes runs to almost 2000 words!

#3 A Model Railway – Life in Miniature

What’s it about: The model railway activities and blog of David Smith and modelling of British Railways Southern Region in 

Why I like it: Although it doesn’t have the design of Chris Nevard’s or Albion Yard above (but see it’s sister site, I appreciate the depth David goes into on the techniques he uses to achieve his beautiful layouts. His series of posts on track work for example is split over 7 posts with pictures that can be expanded to reveal intricate details.

I can spend hours reading his posts and reviewing the pictures picking up new techniques. Read for techniques.

#4 Phil’s Workbench

phil-parker-blogWhat’s it about: Phil Parker’s blog on “trains’n’stuff” is a delight for modellers, with great pictures and a wonderful variety of tips and techniques Paul has used to great effect in his modelling.

Why I like it: What I find really helpful is the information he provides. In a post on Grass’n’Flock for example, Phil suggests not just using hair spray as a glue – great tip – but then goes on to give the specific can he uses “Clubbers Extra Hold”. Brilliant.


#5 George Dent Model Maker

What’s it about: George Dent is the model-maker in residence at Model Rail magazine, runs courses on air brushing and his blog posts detail his models and work.

Why I like it: Inspiration and aspiration!  The quality of his models is frankly scary to us mere mortals, but I can sit back, browse his posts and dream.

#6 Iain Robinson – Modelmaking

iain-robinson-modelmakingWhat’s it about: Iain is a professional model maker, eg he earns a living by making models for other people, and wow does it show! His models are amongst the best I’ve seen and just ooze realism. The intricate depth he puts into his models just staggering.

Why I like it: Envy is not nice but nothing else fits when I visit his Iain’s site. Five minutes browsing and I have a million new ideas.

Visit for ideas and inspiration.

#7 Hornby

What more needs to be said about Hornby? Standard bearers for OO gauge model railways, the Hornby site features a forum for enthusiasts, new of latest products, competitions and downloads for screen savers, service sheets, manuals and service sheets.

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  1. Hi Andy,
    what can I say, a fantastic blog, the best I have come across, you are very knowledgeable, love your guide to the top 7 model railway websites.
    Quick question, if you could answer, I am building my own layout & want to invest in some locos, I don’t want to mix & match brands, not sure to go for Hornby or Bachmann what would you advise,

    • Hi Andy, there’s no reason not to mix and match brands if you want. As to which is best, until I would have said Bachmann had better locomotives (for detailing etc) although the latest Hornby locomotives are getting very good, as long as you don’t go for the Hornby Railroad range. These are aimed at beginners and mass market and lack the detailing. Hope this helps, thanks. Andy

  2. I’m the new buyer for trains at Micro-Mark/Scientific Models Inc…… what structures do you feel are missing from the market? What would you guys like to see made available?

  3. This website may be of interest; a working model in EM gauge based on the North Staffordshire Railway station at Rolleston-on-Dove, closed 1949. After building the model and exhibiting it, I decided to launch a local community project to restore the remains of the prototype that were part of a nature trail. The website describes the model and also the actual station as well as the highly successful project.

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