Looking for 00-9 Scale Buildings?

009-00-9 scale model ralway buildingsLooking for 00-9/HOe scale buildings?

During construction of my layouts, I like to have buildings to test position, spacing and the like, and then replace them with my own later.

Looking around for some ‘test’ buildings I came the two seen above on eBay

They were more than I wanted to pay for temporary buildings but they looked wonderful so I bought a couple on a whim.

They’re delightful models, so good in fact, I’ll use them as the permanent models on my layout. I’ve even ordered a couple more.

If you’re looking for 00-9 — or perhaps HOe scale — railway buildings and don’t fancy making your own take a look. Of course, 00-9 being OO Gauge means you can use standard OO gauge models but there’s something about these that look, well, better.

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