How to paint lifelike figure faces

how to paint model figure faces and headsIf there’s one element of model making and painting I REALLY struggle with it’s face painting. I can never get the results I wanted. This six minute guide helped me up my game.


It’s a six step technique.

  1. Pick out the eyes, in white with black lines for the pupils.
  2. Paint around the eyes with a flesh colour; narrowing the eyes with repeated strokes. When finished seal with gloss varnish so you wipe away any future mistakes.
  3. Block out the rest of the neck and face with a light flesh mix.
  4. Use a reddish flesh mix for the ears, cheek holes and lips.
  5. Use a dark mix of brown for the deepest shadow areas, under the brow & eyebrows.
  6. Seal with matt varnish.

Watch the video for the exact approach. My faces still have a LONG way to go but they’ve got noticeably better since I’ve started using this technique.

Then there’s also Darren Latham’s excellent walk through video, below.

Again, after watching this a few times my miniatures improved dramatically.

Watch and get painting and then come back and let me know if these techniques improved your figure and miniature heads and faces as much as they did mine.

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