How to fit platform lights

No model railway station is complete without platform lighting. Here’s how to do it in five simple steps and a video walkthrough.

Here’s how MR-Engineer, John (chambs123 on Youtube) does it and as he reveals, it’s remarkably simple once you know how.

Platform Lighting In Five Simple Steps

For those who like to print out these guides for later reference, the steps John uses are:

  1. Drill holes in the platform to the diameter of the light base.
    He works to a 2.1mm hole but your lights may be different so measure first with callipers.
  2. With a larger diameter drill gently clean up the holes.
  3. Push the wires through the holes and insert the lamp posts.
  4. Anchor the wires to the underside of the platform with hot glue.
  5. Solder the lamp wires together and then to the power feed wires.

That’s it. Your platforms can now be positioned and illuminated.

For the power supply, John uses a 9v battery to test them. A 12V DC supply can be used for a more permanent solution as covered here.

This will work for any standard model railway lights, such as these.

Tools used

Extra Tip

Add extra ambience to your station with little figures and kiosks. I still remember the newspaper stalls that inhabited the stations I visited as a child and having one, such as this Evening Post newspaper kiosk, on an OO scale station adds such much authenticity to your layout.

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