How to prevent Humbrol & Revell enamel paint tinlets from drying out

humbrol paint drying outFollow these simple steps and your Humbrol and Revell tinlets will last for years.

I have a soft spot for the iconic little paint tins. It’s where my modelling, as for many, started.

Over the years, other brands have come along and replaced enamel paint as my first choice (Vellejo, Army Painter and Citadel acrylics for multiple reasons*) but I still have quite a few of the 14ml pots lying around and love the smell when I open them.

But as I don’t use them now that often the tins I have tend to lie around unused for long periods. If stored correctly they can last years, I’ve had some for decades (from the Authentics range) but I’ve also wasted more than a few pots over the years through simple mistakes, find them dried up when opened.

The key is to seal them properly after use.

Unlike Vellejo paints, to name just one brand who uses plastic bottles, Humbrol pots take a little more effort to close with an airtight seal.

For starters, clean around the metal rim of the lid and neck of the pot before putting the top on. Otherwise, paint can build up and prevent a good seal.

sealing Humbrol tinletsWith excess paint removed, push the top into place and then using a clamp squeeze the lid tightly shut to get an air tight seal.

Alternatively, put the put into the jaws of a vice, I use my dads old vice, and give it a good tighten.

Finally, with the lid is firmly on, store the paints by tipping them upside down to stop any air getting in.

Following this approach for sealing them and keeping them at room temperature will keep your paint fresh for years and many happy model sessions.

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