Sounds effects without DCC

If you’ve ever longingly looked or listened to the wonderful sound effects possible with DCC trains and wanted something similar for your DC locomotives Train Tech have just the thing.

The Train Tech SFX20 (for diesel locomotives) and its counterpart for steam— the SFX10 — are simple drop-in electrics that will work in OO gauge locos. They don’t need special wiring or digital control and give realistic locomotive sound effects.

I recently tried one out in and covered it on my YouTube channel so you can hear what they sound like.

At around £40, Train Tech has managed to cram a lot into them and they’re certainly a lot cheaper than DCC sound systems (even assuming you already have DCC fitted) and remarkably simple to fit.

If you want sound from your locos they’re definitely worth considering.

Available via Amazon here.

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    • Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. As I mention, this is too big for N gauge locos but can work in some N gauge tenders. Train Tech explain it on their website. Cheers, Andy

      • Thanks Andy, I have looked on their site and one other way is too hide the sound chip in a wagon or even a hopper.

    • Hi Ray, I’ll admit this was a concern but having had it in a train for a while now it seems okay on my layout. I’ll keep an eye on it and report back if this does become an issue. Cheers, Andy.

  1. I’ve got two of these, the steam type.
    Quality of sound is great if you alter them slightly with bigger battery & speaker. Having one altered as I type this comment.

  2. I Used the SFX10 steam on my triang stephensons rocket worked very well better on tracks but a bit hit and miss on rolling road.

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