Creating Outstandingly Realistic Model Railway Scenery

photo realistic model railway-sceneryThis is perhaps my favourite tip of the year! It’s a simply brilliant way to create outstandingly realistic walls, tunnel entrances and bridges for model railways yet is, surprisingly, not well known. 

Using it allows not just wonderfully lifelike brick and stone models to be created but it also saves a lot of time over traditional kit or scratch building techniques.

I stumbled across it by accident while watching some YouTube videos on photography (another of my interests) but having seen it and tried it I can’t believe how effective it is! And why it’s not more widely used and why I didn’t think of it before hand!!

Without further delay, over to John at OORail, who explains all in this comprehensive guide.

As pointed out, it takes practice to get it right but if you take your time, the results are fantastic and significantly improve the realism of your walls, tunnel portals, bridges and other brickwork surfaces.

Update: This and the other wonderful videos by OORail make it a must subscribe to channel on YouTube and I’ve now added it to the YouTube railway modellers list. You can also follow OORail on Twitter, @oorail.

I’m now thinking about other objects around the layout and where else technique this could be used. I’ve got an idea for combining this and another technique for making ponds and lakes but need to try it first.

If you’re already using this technique, share your experiences in a comment below.

> A final, personal, note: I spend a huge amount of time testing, photographing, writing and researching techniques for these articles and pay for all the running costs of MRE out of my own pocket. If you found this article useful you can support me by making a donation on my fund-raising page. Thanks and happy modelling, Andy.

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