Coupling Explained – Hornby, Triang, Bachmann and Dapol couplers

understanding model railway couplersCorrecting an omission.

I’ve touched on couplers before, when I changed the coupling on my N gauge wagons, but one of my longtime readers, George O. recently asked me about the different types of couplers and I realised I’d never really explained this.

I started writing a post on the subject but then discovered this great guide by John at chambs123 on YouTube.  He does a better and more thorough job than I could so I’ll leave it John to explain. He delves into the mysteries of Hornby, Triang, Bachmann, Lima, Trix, Roco and Dapol couplers.

John also references IC82’s videos (who sadly doesn’t seem to be uploading to youtube anymore). His first video on the subject is below.

George, hope this helps.

As always, if there’s a model railway topic that you struggle with drop me a line or add a comment below and I’ll see what I can do to help, explain or try out a solution.

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